Here I am. At my finest madness. Just reading the wikipedia page of Hattians, I burst into tears. One day, I will go back where I belong to... I will be back to the Land of Hatti. Wait for me.

Ce matin, j'ai eu un video chat avec le chat de mes parents.

Cheap cinema tickets... This is the price that I sold my soul to my corporate job.

Quand je veux dire "un homme", les français comprennent "un nom". Voila bienvenue dans ma vie.

Je vais écrire mes toots qui sont censurés demain. Attendez! Fake news.

Il y a censorship à la maison. Oui c'est ça!

Je dors avec un herrison en peluche. il y a une grande histoire derrière.

Life changing self=questions at night: Should I eat that last magnum almond?

quand puis-je commencer à être dr. kötü göt? @clement

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Meanwhile, the EU has voted to kill the Internet as we know it and possibly aid in creating an even bigger surveillance machine in the process.

Civil disobedience is the way forward on this one. We redouble our efforts to create decentralised alternatives and if they’re deemed illegal by this myopic legislation, so be it. Fuck ’em. We go to jail if we need to.

If you had any illusions that the battle for personhood and human rights would be easier in our age, think again.


Je vais écrire mes toots en français mais... Il y a toujours un "mais". Je ne pense pas en français. Je pense encore en anglais ou en turc quand je veux parler en français. C'est pas ok.

Et oui bien j'ai decidé de déménager de twitter pour emménager à mastodon mais comment commencer?

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its called Fall because each year, million of americans throw their old, superfluous iphone out of the window when the brand new one arrives. they litter the streets and gradually rot into a kind of aluminum-tin-lithium-ion-fiberglass mulch. back to the Planet

Me: I will be so strong. I won't trust people that quickly.

Also me:

I just deactivated my twitter account. Here, I am Mastodon. Show me your magic!

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i envy people who can just like, write an email, or make a call. like they need to email somebody about something so they immediately open their email client and write the email and send it. what the fuck. what a way to live

j'ai écrit une chanson de rap mais @clement m'a dit que le monde n'est pas prêt pour ça.

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